The You & What

A look into our typical client profiles and the services we offer

who we serve

You & Your Company

We know what your company means to you.  We also understand the responsibility we hold in helping you along the way. Here’s a look at a few typical client-types we serve and common situations.

Post Seed | Pre Series A

There's a lot to be said at this stage. You've gotten your feet off the ground and your team has likely been doing a bit of everything. They do the best they can, but you're stretched thin and cannot scale like this. We find the best way to assist and cover the areas you can't or shouldn't.


Funded, Revenue Optional

You've shown validation of your product or services, but may or may not be in the revenue yet. Investors have some confidence in you and the direction you're going, but it's time to accelerate. You need guidance, mentorship, and execution to get hit the aggressive milestones and take the company to the next level.


Established, Need Optimization

You may be through a round or two and no longer looking at fundraising in the short term. You need a realistic plan and strategy for the next phase of your growth. The tactics and success that got you to this point, won't necessarily carry you to the future. We're here to give you the right information to make hard decisions.


Plateaus Abound

You're over what looked to be the hardest part of your companies growth, but it's still not quite right. Things are feeling stagnant and growth looks a lot flatter than it did before. We tackle these new challenges with you to strategize, plan, and execute whether for the organization or a line of business within.



As an investor or Board, your confidence is waning in the direction of the organization. It's time to understand the situation and your options quickly. This requires a fresh perspective, realistic assessments of the company, its team, and the opportunity ahead. We provide the necessary tact and experience to work through these challenges and give options. If a turnaround and recovery is needed we work to protect your investment throughout.

Assess first, ask questions later

The Services

All engagements start with the Assessment. We then put the right combination of services to form a comprehensive approach.

Sales & Pricing Strategy

One of the most difficult parts to get right for any organization. We support building incentive-based plans, train value-based selling approaches, and foster the culture of a sales-focused organization no matter what role or team.


Marketing is more than just a brand. It's understanding how your customers think, buy, and why they choose you. We help guide you through the relationship between Product, Sales, Marketing, and understand the financial investments required.

Customer Success

Adoption. Upsell. Renewal. Keeping customers engaged, retained, and satisfied. We help develop key metrics, performance indicators, and approaches to build a world-class customer success organization.


Understanding the market, viability, fit, and go-to-market are all areas we cover. We can help build and facilitate your roadmap to help communicate your vision to the entire organization and customers. Our focus is on the strategy, design, experience, and fit of a product in the context of growth and sales.

Financial Services - CFO

Experienced senior financial leadership and guidance when you need it. This is the key ability to make informed business decisions knowing that the financial models behind it make sense. We frequently leverage this guidance in pricing, sales, and go-to-market analysis. You additionally gain the ability to leverage SpurBridge resources as a named CFO for investors without the cost or equity associated with a direct hire.

Financial Services - Operational

Here we take a close look into the operations of your accounting and finance functions. What tools, resources, or technology are you utilizing if any? We bring systems out of the dark ages into modern, industry-leading tools. We provide the insight and operational assistance for budgeting, reconciliation, and serve as the primary point of contact for your tax advisors.

Corporate Events

We have built both high-end, customer-facing executive events as well as organized full off-site all company and board meetings across the country. We have corporate specialists experienced in vendor negotiation, event management, and corporate event sourcing.

Investment Protection

Trust, but Verify. Aimed at the investor or Board, we help analyze the team, the performance, and the trajectory of the company. Not as disruptive as an audit, but in-depth enough to understand what's happening in detail.

Methodology matters

How We Do It

We love taking your vision to reality and all our engagements begin with understanding where you are and where you want to go.  Here’s how we work:


Listen. Observe. Ask. The Assessment

All engagements begin with our Assessment. The length and complexity of this depends on a few factors, but is primarily driven by desired outcomes, the types of services anticipated, and budget. Here, we’re focused on the current state—challenges faced from customers, employees, the market, and investors. We unpack your vision and ambition of the company.  We will need access and time from you, your team, and potentially a few of your customers. 

Develop the Contextual Plan

As the Assessment is underway, we begin to develop a custom plan. While it won’t be fully completed until the Assessment concludes, portions begin to take shape as first begin. This helps accelerate the process and allows for deeper understanding of approaches that may or may not have worked in the past.  The plan is formed in context of as many inputs as we have access. This means that we provide options utilizing you current team and supplementing for various levels of execution.  This is the first major milestone.  



Plan the Work, Work the Plan

The contextual plan informs the formation of the right SpurBridge resources and what will be needed from you as well.  Certain areas you may choose to take on with our assistance and others you may want a more turn-key approach.  For example, we see clients commonly have us handle all Financial Services and related operations so they can work with our other teams on strategic areas like Product, Sales, or the hiring and developing of talent within their own teams.  This blended approach allows us to best support you and provide measurable value as we progress.

Measure. Iterate. Improve

Not a steady state yet, but the opportunity to examine the Contextual Plan in action.  Here we track progress against milestones, metrics, and other key indicators established along the way.  We ensure that continue to have the right team in place, we adjust as necessary, and we improve.  Calling this agile is too distracting. We just call it what works. 


you knew it would come to this eventually


All engagements are subject to privacy, non-disclosure agreements, conflict statements, and performed under master service agreements with discreet statements of work for each service package. On occasion, equity or other incentive-based compensation may be incorporated.


The required starting point of all Services and Engagements

  • Deep Dive with SpurBridge Resources
  • Foundation for Contextual Plan
  • Required Access to Resources, Background Materials
  • Grant Access to Select Customers
  • Establishes & Confirms fit for both Organizations
  • First Major Milestone
  • Fixed Travel & Expense
  • Assessment Report as Primary Output
  • Investment starts at $15k

Select Services

The Plan in Action with key Select Services

  • Sales & Pricing Strategy
  • Storytelling / Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • Product Strategy
  • Financial Services - CFO
  • Investment Protection
  • Frequently a Combination of Above Services
  • Detailed SOW defines Deliverables
  • Investments vary based on Service

Enhanced Services

Additional Offerings Available with Select Services

  • Turn-key, Targeted for Single Event or select Operational Aspects
  • Financial Services - Operational
  • Detailed Product Roadmap Development
  • Executive VIP Events
  • Internal Corporate Events
  • ServiceNow Strategy
  • Team Building & Candidate Support
  • Other Custom Services
  • Investments vary based on Service