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Founders, investors, and growth-focused companies trust SpurBridge to guide strategy, develop direction, and deliver results during their most critical stages.

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It’s nice to meet you. Our team prides itself on a calm, approachable, and realistic look at your business and where you want to go. We take the time needed to understand your journey to this point, recognizing you may not always know where you need help.  We’re here to listen, ask questions, advise, and deliver. 

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We’re based in Austin, Texas but the team is spread throughout the US. Like everyone right now, we’re as excited as you are to meet in person, but until then, we’re fully capable of delivering results through the “new normal.” 

In fact we typically find it most important to meet in person during the initial assessment and for key checkpoints as we go. This helps not only manage your investment but also keep the teams engaged, excited, and gets through all background work the most quickly. No matter how you need it, we’ll make it happen.

We look forward to getting to know you more, ask some challenging questions, and help you take your business further than you ever imagined.

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After an expensive investment with a large consulting firm, it felt like we were going nowhere. The SpurBridge approach was refreshing. They’re the team you count on to grow.

—Most of our clients, probably.
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Generalists are Better.

We see having experience and expertise across multiple areas of the business as critical to success—especially at the inflection points of growth.
Focus on what you do best and we help with the rest. Here are just a few of the ways we do that:

Growth strategy & execution

Often the path to growth is multi-faceted. We bring the whole team together for this one and design a strategy suited to achieve your goals. After that, we plan the work and work the plan.

Financial Expertise

We elevate your financial acumen to create informed, sound decision-making. We prepare you for the next round of fundraising, fix operational accounting and finance issues, or even support a transition to a permanent, vetted financial team.

Product strategy

We primarily focus on the business-to-business side of the house having taken some of the largest enterprise platform products to market. From product validation to go-to-market, we help along each step.

Operations & Culture

From organizational structure to corporate events and people management, we have you covered. SpurBridge has industry experts resources to assist across the board.

Solid Team

We've worked hard over the years to build a deep network of people we trust, who exceed what they promise, and who share a passion for what they do. They're our professional professionals.

Remote Everything

While we love our Austin BBQ and Savannah grits, our team is fully remote and supports you from any location you need.

Industry Agnostic

We don't judge. While most of our clients are technology-focused, they serve a lot of verticals such as Legal, Healthcare, Insurance, and Tech. We spend a lof time wading deep into highly regulated industries.

Stay Fun

We only partner with clients that have big ideas, a strong desire to grow their business, and want to enjoy the process along the way while matching our values.

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je ne sais quoi

What is it...

…that makes one firm better than the rest? A list of credentials and certifications? Niche experiences? Friends with your dog walker?  

Many consulting practices, especially larger firms, tout the sheer number of resources they bring to a project. While there’s a time and place for large—and expensive—teams, the way we see it, fit is paramount.  The right team, at the right place, at the right time. 

We bring that certain je ne sais quoi. This is why it’s important for us to engage and spend time to understand you and your business first and foremost.  We’re excited to help but if we’re not aligned to your needs, we’ll be the first to tell you and help find those who are.  

And also, we have those credentials and experience too.

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The SpurBridge team has been instrumental in our strategy. Their development of our Sales organization created the growth culture we needed. The Financial Services enable informed decisions and accurate modeling for our Board and investors.

Jennifer Carroll CEO Veruna
Jennifer Carroll, Esq. CEO, Veruna

We have relied on the Financial Services team from the early days through several successful rounds of fundraising. SpurBridge allows us to focus on our core business knowing we can rely on accurate and sound guidance.

Andy Seavers Case Status
Andy Seavers CEO and Co-founder, CaseStatus

Numbers are hard. We had been sloppy with our accounting practices for too long. At best, we knew we would have enough cash to cover expenses each month. But planning, pricing our customer projects and understanding profitability was out of reach until we got Spurbridge's help and guidance. They were critical in restructuring our pricing and putting us on a successful financial path.

Andy Askins of Krit
Andrew Askins CEO and Founder, Krit
    Why we're excited to partner with you

    We Measure Our Success by Yours

    We Spur Growth

    You have ideas. You have a vision. What you need is the team to help develop and transform that to a reality. We spur that growth. It's in our name.

    We Bridge gaps

    We know that you might not have the team today. Whether that's because you've had to focus on other areas or it just not been the right fit so far, we help bridge the gaps until you're ready.

    Perfect Fit

    We are entrepreneurs, founders, and people who understand the dynamics of multiple environments and how to adapt successfully. We have done everything from taken the largest enterprise platform products to market to run $100+ million budgets. We pride ourselves on a wide understanding of multiple areas.


    The advantage to being a nimble, focused team is our ability to quickly asses your situation, validate challenges, and develop a plan to move to the next level.

    The Sweet Spot

    The most successful clients are ones hungry for growth and recognize they need help to scale. You may not know yet where that help is needed yet, but we will.

    Investor Protection

    Trust, but Verify. We support Boards, investors, and interested outside teams to help ensure their investment is not just protected, but in a position of success. We guide leadership teams and balance the needs of boards and the company.

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